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February 22, 2012 at 9:54 am Leave a comment

As we turned the calendar on another year, I thought about what I wanted to do in 2012.  I have obvious goals – well goals that probably should be obvious to me, but the one that really stuck was spending more time with the people who matter to me – to focus on personal relationships.

Today, this is a resolution businesses should be more mindful of as well. In a bottom-line world, it seems more and more organizations are forgetting the importance of building personal relationships with clients. While today’s technology enables us to connect with each other anytime, anywhere,  relationships once formed in person around the water cooler or business meetings are now formed over Facebook, e-mail, text messages and conference calls. Teams can work together digitally from different locations without the need to ever meet in person and businesses around the world can connect instantly with basic technology. Even major industry conferences that once offered a convenient hub for clients to connect in person with businesses are switching over to online versions driven by online chats and video conferencing. The focus on face time and true relationships has gone by the wayside to a watered down impersonal version that’s more accommodating to everyone’s overscheduled lives.

While cost saving and certainly more convenient, is it more effective? Are organizations truly connecting with their clients in the best way possible? Maybe, maybe not.

As an RPO provider, the role we play with our clients is only as successful as the trust between us. How do we build that trust? By utilizing technology yes, but more importantly we make an effort to be present, a factor that often makes us stand out in the crowd.

Who are the customers, business-partners, vender-partners, employees, bosses, etc with whom you need to talk?  Connecting with them live may seem unwarranted, but it will bring results if you are persistent and if you allow it to.  You can get more done in less time and actually enjoy doing it.  You’ll feel better, you’ll BE better and you’ll discover strengths and humanity within others that make you want to connect more regularly.

If it matters to you, it probably matters to them too.  Go the extra mile, build that trust. Get out from behind your desk, put down your smart phone and get back to basics. Relationships . . . we all NEED them.  In 2012, let’s pay more attention to what we do with them.

For many of us, we conduct a lot of our business online.  It is easier than ever to meet people virtually from all over the world. The advancement of the digital age has changed the way we communicate and the rate of speed that we deliver products and services.  In a bottom-line world, have we forgotten the importance of building personal relationships with our Customers?

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